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Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

What is the Home Energy Rating System (HERS)?

The HERS program was created by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to test and rate the energy performance of a home. Its purpose is to address construction defects and poor equipment installation (including HVAC and insulation) that results in a loss of energy efficiency. The CEC mandates field verification and diagnostic testing be performed by special third-party inspectors called HERS Raters. HERS Raters must be certified and specially trained to perform these services, and may not be employees of the builder or contractor whose work is being verified.

When will I need Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing?


Field verification and diagnostic testing will only be required when specific regulated efficiency measures or equipment features are being installed. All HERS measures required for your project will be listed on your completed Title 24 compliance form (CF-1R). 

Where do I find a HERS Rater?

HERS providers are approved by the California Energy Commission to employ and certify qualified raters. Providers for the 2019 Energy Code are CalCERTS and CHEERS. Both entities maintain a searchable database of HERS Raters.

Ready to get started?

Listed below are common required HERS verifications:

  • Duct sealing

  • Refrigerant charge in ducted split-system and ducted packaged unit air conditioners and heat pumps, and mini-split systems

  • Refrigerant fault indicator display (FID)

  • Verified system airflow

  • Air handler fan efficacy

  • Continuous whole-building mechanical ventilation airflow

  • High-quality insulation installation (QII)

  • Kitchen hood HVI listing for airflow and noise

Excerpted from the CEC Title 24 energy compliance manual

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